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Eau de Parfum
Green – Woody – Leather
50 ML 1,7 FL.OZ.


Bergamot, Coriander, Camomile, Bamboo


Vegetal, Saffron, Sage, Violet Leaves


Patchouli, Agarwood, Musk, Leather


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Green - Woody - Leather

Imagine a raw stone house surrounded by the fresh green breeze of nature…

This scent captures the essence of modern architecture in dialoge with nature. Its smells like cold concrete, elegant wooden accents and fresh green that breaks open solid structures. In this scent various types of spices like saffron, coriander, sage and camomille form an elegant structure on top of the earthy base of agarwood, leather and patchouli.


»Original and with a double personality. If you get carried away by its opening, you may be surprised by the final result.

I was talking about its duality because it begins with a quite natural green and citrus explosion. You are in the middle of a bamboo plantation and there is a lot of humidity around you. This green beginning runs through the heart of the fragrance, where in addition to other herbal nuances, the dominant note will be the violet leaf (I personally love it)

When you thought that the perfume would end its evolution in a certain direction, a powerful leather flanked by patchouli and a soft oud come into play, which are surprising in this end of work.«

by The V Scentt via Instagram


»Beton Brut brings back childhood memories. It reminds me of when I was little and went to the forest in Austria on a very hot summer day picking blueberries. I loved the atmosphere and this scent smells exactly the way I remember it back then. 

The Ingredients don’t scream Austrian forste but still, the smell feels the same for me as what I remember it. Ist it amazing anyways how perfume can bring back memories?«

by George Mallner via Instagram


»A statement of elegance and modern sophistication that opens new horizons in its genre thanks to the originality that Serge de Oliveira and Mario Lombardo implemented in it.

A spicy kick in the opening combining peppery aspects and a bittersweet saffron note that gently morphs into a very soothing, intimate and creamy yet earthy and complex aspect enchanted by the sensuality of chamomile and violet leaf mixed with sage in a fougeresque way.

BETON BRUT blossoms into so many beautiful notes and layer after layer cocooning a warm and gracious tea like accord with woody aromatic profile thanks to the main character of this concoction, the exotic bamboo.

Deep, precious and fluffy musks drenched in exotic and noble agarwood oil married with tamed leather gently enriches and rounds up the whole formula.«

by the scentology via Instagram

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