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Eau de Parfum
Spices – Incense – Woody
50 ML 1,7 FL.OZ.


Absinthe, Elemi-Gum, Red Pepper, Freesia


Saffron, Incense, Iris, Patchouli


Dry Woods, Musk, Leather, Vanilla

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Spices – Incense – Woody

Deep incense and spices evoke images of an open fire – smokey, warm and comforting. 

BOHEMIAN WOODS plays the passionate song of fiery adventures. It pays homage to its roots, while open-heartedly embracing new ways. The prelude of this woody-dry perfume is a free-spirited chord of red pepper, freesia, elemi-gum, rounded off by seductive absinthe. Incense, saffron leather and vanilla give the composition its comforting yet wistful base. 


»This is phenomenal stuff. A LOVE at first sniff. BOHEMIAN WOODS is a Green leathernecks, resinous, ultra Woods fragrance. It’s my favourite offering from Atelier Oblique and agreat fragrance to wear. The Woods, letaler and resins are a nice dark Kontrast with the gerann Absinthe note. Love it!«

by Sebastian Jara @theperfumeguy via Instagram


»What a beautiful scent! This is what I would categories as a real niche fragrance. When you smell this scent you immediately notice that the ingredients are from high quality. Mainly this is a balsamic, woody fragrance and the notes that stands out the most are incense mixed with some woody notes and leather. It is like closing your eyes and walking in too a church. It often gets compared too Montale full incense but too my nose BOHEMIAN WOODS is way better. Dark mysterious scent. Love it !«

by befragrances via Instagram 


»What I value most is that their perfumes are cruelty free and vegan. They plant a tree for every purchase they receive !! And even their packaging is wrapped in compostable cellophane.

Bohemian Woods is the newest addition into my collection and it's like no other fragrance that I have. First it's boozy-incensy, woody, somehow balsamic, pretty dry, and has a slight leathery/spicey feel to it. This leathery vibe decreases more and more as the scent transitions towards the drydown. On top of that there is a slightly licoricy green vibe running through it as well. Imagine an old church where you can smell the woody interior, the furniture with a bit of greenness and something leathery in the background, that is what I basically get here.«

by dandrobe via Instagram


»Dall'anima nomade, parla di avventure e di viaggi, di esplorazione per ritrovare se stessi nel mondo. Lo fa con note olfattive come il pepe rosso spagnolo e la fresia sudafricana, l'anice e il patchouli, il legno caldo dell'elemi, accordi di pelle e muschi e vaniglia.«

by VOGUE, Italy


»Ai legni. Narra di un'avventura attraverso il Sudamerica, tra aromi di legni secchi, cuoio, zafferano e vaniglia, con un locco di stravaganza accentuala dal peperoncino rosso.«


Did you know?

All Atelier Oblique perfumes are unisex

Our perfumes are composed in France and produced in Germany

We only use organic alcohol for our small batch productions

Our perfumes are cruelty free, vegan and clean 

Our unique packaging is wrapped in compostable cellophane

All our fragrances are devised according to a long-standing tradition

All ingredients are chosen carefully and in line with the highest standards of quality

With every purchase we plant a tree 


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