Eau de Parfum
Fruity – Floral – Oud
50 ML 1,7 FL.OZ.


Lemon, Grapefruit, Blackcurrant, Fig


Rose, Violet


Vetiver, Oud, Leather


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Fruity – Floral – Oud

A different take on Oud. Elevating fruityness meets seductive darkness. 

The Eau de Parfum CLOSER brings the sticky lightness of fig, berries and citrus in a pleasurable balance with the relishing warmth of oud and leather. This scent is literally close, almost dark while being mysteriously far at the same time. A fragrance like the dance of new lovers. 


»The masters new essense. A scent of the day.«

by Julian Daynov via Instagram

»I don't wear a scent every day but when I do, CLOSER is it. It's a little swank and a little club all wrapped up in one pretty package. When I put it on, I just feel special and it makes my soul feel warm.«

by Nine and Roxy Store, Germany

»CLOSER is an original perfume. It has a collection of very different components among them that give rise to a rather curious final composition. During the first phase, it is a fruity fragrance with floral nuances. Open with a combination of citrus, fig and black currant. The most striking of this opening is that despite these notes is not at all sweet or cloying. All the notes are quite natural.

In an almost imperceptible transition a rose enters the scene, nothing prominent, more in the background, but still perceptible. It is in the last stage when a very light oud and especially the leather, are made perceptible by counteracting the fruity and floral opening of the beginning.

Making a simil, it is as if the development of the perfume represents a complete day. A fruity and fresh dawn, a floral afternoon, and a leather night, bringing the necessary darkness to the composition.«

by The V Scentt via Instagram

»Chic, tartly fruity leather with a touch of oud as well as some light violet and rose. This has the feel of a new leather handbag or car with leather seats, and a sense of just-showered, just-shaved, just-dressed sharpness.«

by theperfumeddahlia via Instagram

Did you know?

All Atelier Oblique perfumes are unisex

Our perfumes are composed in France and produced in Germany

We only use organic alcohol for our small batch productions

Our perfumes are cruelty free, vegan and clean 

Our unique packaging is wrapped in compostable cellophane

All our fragrances are devised according to a long-standing tradition

All ingredients are chosen carefully and in line with the highest standards of quality

With every purchase we plant a tree


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