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Eau de Parfum
Aquatic – Floral – Woody
50 ML 1,7 FL.OZ.


Bergamot, Green, Ozonic, Mint


Jasmine, Rose, Iris, Woody


Musk, Vanilla
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Aquatic – Floral – Woody

Fresh and Salty. A scent like a walk by the blue sea. 

Overlooking the sea from the an open window. The fresh, salty sea breeze awakens our senses. It’s a day at the atlantic Ocean with its intens melancholic setting. MARBLE SEA is soft and cool with notes of iris and mint yet deep and elegant with a warm arrangement of musk and vanilla in the base. 


»As light as an ocean breeze - MARBLE SEA is my new fragrance for warmer weather. It takes me back to the ocean. With notes of bergamot and mint mixed with fresh florals, vanilla and musk, MARBLE SEA is a gender free fragrance.«

by thevagabondwayfarer via Instagram


»As light as an ocean breeze, the grace inherent in MARBLE SEA presents itself immediately. Soft whispers of bergamot and green tea are accentuated by a cool, salty burst of mint and ozonic notes. In its heart, MARBLE SEA underlines all its sophisticated gentleness with jasmine, rose, and iris. The vibrant arrangement of musk and a touch of South American vanilla give the overall composition its rhythm, intensity, and calm.«

by Merz Apothecary via Instagram 


»When I first sprayed MARBLE SEA, I thought it opened similar, but not identical, to Acqua Di Gio, maybe a more floral version of ADG in the opening. It only makes sense, as they are both salty-citrus aquatic fragrances. After the inital blast dissipates, it transforms into something so elegant and lovely without losing sight of it's salty-citrus aquatic roots. The mid combines the ozonic, beachy vibe with some really nice florals - I get mainly rose and iris. The base is where this fragrance really sets itself apart and rises above most the other crowd-pleasing ozonic aquatics where a spicy musk enters and mingles effortlessly with the already excellent combination of notes. The salt stays, the citrus pretty much exits, the florals linger a little and the musky base remains. Marble Sea also offers really nice performance for this type of fragrance. I get at least 8 hours, especially on clothes. This is best for warmer weather, but I can see myself wearing it in the winter when I am missing nicer, warmer weather.«

by scentthusiast via Instagram


»Salty hair, sunkissed skin and the sound of the sea.«

by, Switzerland


»I migliori profumi unisex dell'Estate 2022 Per lui e per lei, senza confini. Il genere per quanto riguarda i profumi potrebbe essere superato? Le tendenze fragranze dicono così, che le vogliono unisex nella sua più ampia accezione. L’ispirazione per Marble Sea sono i quadri di Caspar David Friedrich, in particolare il mare del Nord un tempesta. Il risultato e ozonico tra cale e menta con un dolce cuore fiore di iris, gelsomino e rosa, svelandosi nel fondo con muschio e un inaspettata vaniglia.«

by ELLE, Italy



»Trasporta diretamente sul lungo-mare di una selvaggia spiaggia del Nord battuta da freddi venti atlantici che fanno alzare in volo la schiuma delle onde creando vortici di sale l'eau de parfum Marble Sea di Atl. Oblique.

Leggera e aerea, ma allo stesso tempo persistente e profonda, questa fragranza si apre infatti con note di testa ozonate verdi, bergamotto e menta che ricordano un'intensa folata di brezza marina che proseguono il loro lieve vagare per incontrare le note fiorite di gelsomi no, rosa e iris. Le note di fondo di muschio e vaniglia sedimentano di accordi precedenti fissandoli a lungo sulla pelle.«

by FOR MEN Magazine, Italy


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All Atelier Oblique perfumes are unisex

Our perfumes are composed in France and produced in Germany

We only use organic alcohol for our small batch productions

Our perfumes are cruelty free, vegan and clean 

Our unique packaging is wrapped in compostable cellophane

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