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Category: Eau de Parfum
Mass: 10 x 2 ML 0,4 FL.OZ.
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»This is phenomenal stuff. A ❤️ at first sniff.«

By Sebastian Jara @theperfumeguy on Instagram 660 likes



by Celina Plag for FAZ Magazine


»Der Duft von kostbaren Erinnerungen«

by Anna Mayr for ZEIT Magazine


»Wie eine feine Pralinenschachtel voller Duftmalereien - einfach himmlisch«

by Nadia, München



Our collection of 10 unisex Eau de Parfum as pocket sized vials for you to explore and enjoy. Discover the world of Atelier Oblique fragrances wherever you are.

Additionally to your Discovery Set you will get a 10% discount on your next purchase of a 50ml Eau de Parfum.


The DISCOVERY SET, 10 x 2 ml

APRIL SKIES | Green – Vegetal – Woody

A fragrance of opposites. Uniquely unruly. Suprisingly fresh and tart at the same time.


WHITE LIGHT | Citrus – White Flowers – Orange Blossom

A modern cologne, full of white flowers and creamy blossoms.


MARBLE SEA | Aquatic – Floral – Woody

Fresh and Salty. A scent like a walk by the blue sea. 


BETON BRUT | Green - Woody - Leather

Imagine a raw stone house surrounded by the fresh green breeze of nature...


CLOSER | Fruity – Floral – Oud

A different take on Oud. Elevating fruityness meets seductive darkness. 


LIGHTFALLS | Pepper - Spices - Sandalwood

Sun Rays shining through coloured glas ceiling. A scent like a glowing body of light.  


SAINT | Fresh – Amber – Tobacco

A scent for a special occasion. Sophisticated and sexy. 


MOON SIGH | Fresh - Gourmand - Woody

A scent as solemn and beautifully melancholic like a full moon night. 


BOHEMIAN WOODS | Spices – Incense – Woody

Deep incense and spices evoke images of an open fire – smokey, warm and comforting. 


VOODOO FLOWERS | Spices - Floral - Smokey

Rock’n’Roll – This fragrance is captivatingly woody-floral and seductively smoky. 


Did you know?

All Atelier Oblique perfumes are unisex

Our perfumes are composed in France and produced in Germany

We only use organic alcohol for our small batch productions

Our perfumes are cruelty free, vegan and clean 

Our unique packaging is wrapped in compostable cellophane

All our fragrances are devised according to a long-standing tradition

All ingredients are chosen carefully and in line with the highest standards of quality

With every purchase we plant a tree

• Free shipping within Germany

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