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Eau de Parfum
Spicy – Floral – Smokey
50 ML 1,7 FL.OZ.


Citrus, Champagne, Gin, Sage


Iris, Ginger, Jasmine, Violet


Styrax, Cade, Leather, Vetiver


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Spicy - Floral - Smokey

Rock’n’Roll – This fragrance is captivatingly woody-floral and seductively smoky. 

This fragrance is strong in character and leaves a confident impression. VOODOO FLOWRES is captivatingly woody-floral and seduces the senses with an unmistakable smoky silage. An aromatic top of gin, sage and champagne meet a lush floral bouquet in the heart while styrax and cedar in the base reinforce the character with their weight and dominance. 


»Wer mir zum Valentinstag seine unendliche Liebe gestehen möchte, macht das am besten mit einem meiner Lieblingsdüfte: VOODOO FLOWERS

Wie das immer mit meinen Lieblingsdüften ist, hat mich auch VOODOO FLOWERS sofort in seinen Bann gezogen. Dunkel und geheimnisvoll erinnert er mich an die wilden 60er und 70er und bringt den puren Glam Rock ohne unnötige Nostalgie ins hier und jetzt. Sexy, verrucht und mit einer große Portion Selbstironie schmeichelt und verführt der Unisex jeden, der sich auf seinen düstere und zugleich romantischen Seite einlässt.« 

by Martin Schmieder via Instagram


»Voodoo Flowers» vom Nischenlabel Atl. Oblique aus Berlin zeigt, wie cool ein floraler Duft sein kann.

Auch wenn man nicht an Voodoo glaubt, es lohnt sich, eine Nase «Voodoo Flowers» vom Berliner Label Atl. Oblique zu nehmen. Erst seit 2016 gibt es das Parfumhaus unter Mario Lombardo. Entworfen werden die Unisex-Düfte in Frankreich, um dann in Berlin von Hand gemischt und abgefüllt zu werden. Auch die Flakons und Verpackungen sind «Made in Germany». Voodoo Flowers macht ganz deutlich, dass florale Parfums auch alles andere als nett sein können; dafür sorgen alkoholische Noten, Ingwer, Styrax und Leder.«

by NZZ Bellevue, Switzerland

»A hypnotic potion that can bind your mind and senses. It opens quite sparkly and bright, with citrous notes and bubbly champagne. But soon the mystical sage casts its spell and bring you to a soft yet darker land of leather and vetiver.

Creamy and powdery iris envelops you like a soft and mysterious fog, where the sirens Jasmin and Violet are hiding and singing with their melodious voices. Quite a different fragrance from what I'm used to, charming and comforting but with a dark earthy heart.

The iris and violet are for me predominant with some sweet and leathery notes. Despite the name, not a flowery scent.«

by scent. kyphi via Instagram

»Although the flowers are present during development, especially the iris, the perfume is a clear interpretation of the leather.

It has a refreshing opening, almost with bubbles, where citrus fruits and a slightly bitter touch welcome you. Almost immediately you begin to perceive the iris with a shy violet accompanying it, all pushed by a dominant note of leather in the background, which will gain prominence during development.

It is a refined and not aggressive leather, it is very present, but at no time it is offensive. Very well mixed with the floral ingredients in the central part, and with vetiver and greener tones at the base.«

by the v scentt via Instagram


»Thanks to the using of opposed nature ingredients, here we find a dark and mysterious scent that it's airy and transparent at the same time.

Dry and effervescent champagne like fizz opening surrounded by juniper berries and energizing ginger acting as a catalyst to the original heart of Voodoo Flowers which is composed by a nice floral accord uplifted by sparkling aldehydes and night blooming jasmine conforming a unique profile thanks to the use of cade wood. Styrax and vetiver adds a smokiness in the best sense of the word but in a kinda fresh cut wood burning not far away way from the wearer is.

A rich and unique concoction full of personality that I'm personally enjoying a lot.«

by thescentology via Instagram


Did you know?

All Atelier Oblique perfumes are unisex

Our perfumes are composed in France and produced in Germany

We only use organic alcohol for our small batch productions

Our perfumes are cruelty free, vegan and clean 

Our unique packaging is wrapped in compostable cellophane

All our fragrances are devised according to a long-standing tradition

All ingredients are chosen carefully and in line with the highest standards of quality

With every purchase we plant a tree 


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